CulturalDC Podcast

As An Enemy ft. Teri Henderson + Brandon Soderberg

Episode Summary

CulturalDC presents the second video installation in partnership with Baltimore-based curator Teri Henderson. The exhibit, “SUBVERSIONS,” will be projected onto the windows of CulturalDC’s Source Theatre in the historic 14th and U Street Corridor in Northwest Washington, D.C. “As An Enemy” is a multichannel video installation showing the corruption of the Baltimore City Police Department. Curated in collaboration with Baltimore based writer Brandon Soderberg, “As An Enemy” offers a stark microcosm of corrupt police forces across the country. The exhibition creates space for the victims of police brutality by telling the unique story of Black men and women victimized by the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF)—a plainclothes police squad, led by the diabolical Wayne Jenkins, established to maintain the racist legacy of “law and order” in Baltimore City, following the 2015 murder of Freddie Gray. In response to Gray’s murder—during which Baltimore Police officers broke his spine and crushed his throat—the city erupted in weeks of proper protest and righteous outrage. In response to that outrage from citizens, the GTTF terrorized Baltimoreans—stealing money and drugs, while causing violence, terror and death. They often targeted known drug dealers, knowing their cries of injustice would be ignored by the judicial system.